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Music Genresearth

Everyone has their own unique music tastes. Some like jazz, some like hip-hop, some like country, some like classical - and the list & combinations of these lists could go on infinitely. Unlike some DJ's, we do not specialize in a single, particular genre. While we do tend to have more mainstream music on file than other genres, we have a little bit of everything. Using our customizedEvent Planner that you can fill out on your own online after booking your event or during a face-to-face consultation, you direct us on the definition of your event's own unique musical tastes. We can play a mix of everything, stick mostly with one genre, go with timeless classics, list your favorite MUST PLAY songs, and even make a blacklist of songs or artists that will not be played. Have no idea what you should play? No worries - we'll be there to let you know what has or has not worked in the past, to make sure your event is a hit.